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About Us

Block’s Nursery, Inc. is the brain child of Barry and Beth-Ann Block whose love for farming and the nursery industry has been a passion for more then half their lives!

Working in the nursery industry for over 25 years, Barry and Beth-Ann have finally opened their wholesale nursery business.  They supply local re-wholesalers, growers and garden centers with premium quality plant material grown right here on Long Island. 

With the nursery still in its "growing stage", we currently offer a wide variety of ornamental and native species. 

In the coming months and years ahead you’ll see more items available as Block’s Nursery, Inc. begins its production of both field grown shrubs and trees, along with a pot in pot selection of large container material, to meet demands.   The container operation  offers shrubs and perennials ranging from 1 to 7 gallon size containers. 

It’s our hope that our years of training and experience will help with our understanding of what the growing trends and needs of the industry are – and thereby offer plant material which serves the needs of both the end user and the installer.